the front porch

Now that Lindsay's soccer season has started, i have been spending more time in the afternoons and evenings with our little Owen. One of his favorite things to do is sit on the front porch. He loves being outside: the cars going by, the sound of the train, the little girls who live next door playing in their driveway... he watches and listens.

Did you ever drive by a house, in a frantic rush to get somewhere, and see someone sitting on their front porch just watching you pass, and think, "How can they have nothing to do but just sit there and watch the cars go by?" Maybe it's just me. But i got to thinking, what a wonderful thing that is! There's a line in an Aaron Sprinkle song that goes, "...the clock just won't slow down, like it gets its kicks pushing you around" .. and man am i sick of that being me!

When we got back from vacation last month, things got busy again real fast. Piles of email and things to catch up on. But I've decided to be less responsible from now on. The world won't stop spinning if some things just don't get done. Anyway, that leaves us more time to sit on the front porch.