and my son doesnt even know, but that is not to say that he doesnt understand that jesus loves him. holidays are just a bit different nowadays. my mom was the hub of our family, we all were the spokes. she created meals, hosted, and drew everyone together, whether we appreciated it or not. i have tried hard to be that hub, and i'm constantly asking the question "what would mom do?" i had every good intention of getting O an easter basket, dying eggs, laying out fresh pieces of white paper (for the easter bunny to wipe his feet on), mailing out easter cards, ect.... oh yea, and try to explain to owen that jesus died for his sins and rose again on the third day. a hard concept to explain to a three year old, when just last week he began a very worried conversation with brian that he didnt want to die. so this year easter has just been a bit low key.

but God graced me with an amazing moment thursday night. the boys played worship at a church and owen and i came to listen. after the short sermon everyone was invited to partake in communion up front. people lined up quietly and owen started asking what everyone was doing. i explained that they were taking communion, (another interesting concept for a three year old). i told him God sent jesus down from heaven because he loves us, and that we dip bread into juice so that we can remember that. he said so matter of fact "ok. i want to do that." i said "ok, do you understand why we are doing this?" and his reply was "because God loves me. lets go mommy. i want to do that." i figured yep, he gets it. he gets the simplicity of what easter is, without the eggs and baskets, and yummy candy. he walked so confidently up to the bread basket, grabbed a HUGE piece and dipped it into the grape juice. he gets that God loves him.