Waldo Canyon Fire

Many of you texted or emailed last week, wondering if we were affected by the fires here in CO. Thankfully, for us, the fires were either 1hr to the north of us and 1.5hrs to the south. We took a drive down into Colorado Springs, where some of you have families who were affected. I'm not sure what we expected, I think we thought we'd see a lot more fire raging. Honestly the most we saw was smoke. That and deserted streets and neighborhoods, many people were evacuated on the west side of the highway. We were able to drive down off the highway, into some of the neighborhoods.... they were eerily quiet. All roads that led up into the mountains were closed, blocked by police cars. The closest we got to the mountains was at the base of Pikes Peak, where the cog train starts up the mountain. It was an interesting drive but also very sad, knowing that peoples homes were being destroyed as we were in some ways just  taking it all in. Owen has been especially concerned/interested in the fires. Every drive up into the mountains - he is our lookout. Thankfully, as of yesterday/today the Waldo Canyon Fire has been contained 100%.