what a weekend

this past week has been insane to say the least. christmas day was great. the day after, sucked. we all got sick, and i mean SICK. everybody and anybody we came into contact with got it. throwup and all. that night my whole family, brians whole family, 12 people in all came down with some kind of 24hr flu. b, o and i had a rough night.... but we made it through. the next day we had to travel down to d.c. for the crusade christmas conference. thankfully we all felt well enough. it was such an amazing time. the conference was held at a 4 star hotel and the beds were to die for. i'm on a mission now to start saving so that in 10yrs we'll be able to buy that $3000 bed of bliss and the 20 pillows that come with it.our hotel sat right over the metro, so a few days we went right into d.c. and enjoyed the museum atmosphere. owen enjoyed the train though.it was great hearing phil speak again, and with the music, it was just a great taste of past years. phil was of course awesome and true to his eagles. there were about 500 or so students who have never experienced his charisma, and i think they enjoyed it immensly.so we are all recovered from our sickness... now i just have to recover owens routine. he also enjoyed the amazing bed at the hotel, and now has to get used to a crib, without the feather bed and 20 pillows.