why do people have kids anyway?

For as long as i can remember, i've wanted to be a dad. But as the prospect became more of a reality and less of a "yeah someday that would be great," i found myself thinking... "Why do people have kids anyway? It'll totally turn our life upside down, and i like our life. We'll be solely responsible for this little human for at least 18 years. And the world is so crazy messed up, do i really want to bring a kid into all of this?" But the first three months of Owen's life have taught me a few things, i think. Things are different in many ways because of him, but he has joined our life, and not the other way around ... so when we feel like Polish water ice, he just comes with us. Our favorite thing to do -- go for a drive -- just so happens to be his favorite thing too. We can still go running, we just push him along in his nifty stroller. Yes, the world is full of messed up things like genocide and war, but we pray that our little guy will be a mighty warrior in the fight for peace and love in the name of Jesus Christ. And every night before i go to bed, i take my cell phone into Owen's closet bedroom, shine the soft light on his fat little face, and in those moments i understand why people decide to have kids.